Kate Robbins, Lead Designer


Picwell is an AI-based risk planning tool that uses personal information combined with big data to give you individualized benefit recommendations.


In early 2018, I chose to leave a job I had been at for over a decade with the intention of gaining experience in a different industry to expand my horizons. Shortly after leaving The Meet Group, I found myself on the phone with the new CTO of a tiny healthcare decision support startup. Picwell had been around for a few years, but was previously focused on providing clients with a backend API and didn't have anything front facing for potential clients or users.

I then spent the better part of a year working on marketing and advertising materials, a new website design, and a bunch of new product designs and prototypes. A selection of those items is below:

Marketing Materials

I worked with the marketing and sales team to create promotional and informational pieces to help bring their sales pitches to life. Healthcare decision support products that use a combination of data science and predicitive modeling, are not particularly "easy" to explain. I was able to use my copywriting and communication skills to regularly provide user-friendly messaging for such a complex, yet much needed, product.

Website Refresh

I also worked with the marketing and sales team to redesign the corporate website. They were looking for a lighter and more friendly approach to their audience. My goal was to create an experience that connected with the viewer and had a warmer approach than the current website.

Product Prototypes

The bulk of my time at Picwell was spent brainstorming and designing their different benefits decision support tools from scratch. In addition to static mockups and sketch files for the developers, I provided a multitude of branded interactive prototypes for the sales team and CEO to demo to potential clients. These prototypes gave us the opportunity to get user feedback much sooner than we could have if we waited until the product was launched.

Please note: These screens don't have "real-world" data displayed or reflect any actual client base of the company. They are only displayed for the purpose of showcasing my design abilities.